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Canmore, Alberta - Coming Fall 2020

Rediscover Your Flo

Flo Alpine Spa is a World-Class Scandinavian Medical spa offering our guest concierge service in a warm, welcoming, peaceful environment to transform their stress and rediscover their flow.

Scandinavian Spa

Using the powerful healing benefits of water we offer hot and cold pools, saunas, steam baths, waterfalls, relaxation areas, fireside lounges, meditation spaces, therapeutic treatments, natural aesthetics, a healthy cafe, fine dining, educational programs and a medical sanctuary.

Relaxation Guides

Our relaxation guides provide our guests with a personalized plan for their day to ensure they are getting the most from their experience. From the moment of arrival our guests feel pampered and will feel their stress being transformed into a state of complete relaxation. 

Our Offerings

Natural Health and Spa Products

Medical Sanctuary

Healthy Cafe and Fine Dining

Educational Programs

Saunas, Steam Baths, Hot and Cold Pools, Waterfalls

Therapeutic Treatments

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Relaxation Spaces and Fireside Lounges

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Flo Alpine Spa

Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Opening Fall 2019